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Art direction/Set design
Mark Edwards
Mary Michaud
Joan Schatzman

Sound Design
Mark Edwards

Musical Score
Adam Daniel
Paul Rosen
Rick Olivarez
Mark Edwards

Dorothy Collier
Adam Daniel
Mark Edwards
Spencer Lathrop
Mary Michaud
Rick Olivarez
Mary Prendergast
Paul Rosen
Susan Rosen
Dan Stern

Sound Operators/PAs
Johann Neem
Ras Rosetti
Jack Schatzman
James Wagner

Props management
Joan Schatzman

Suppliers of Props
Leo Arico
Debbie Hanley and Diana Dale
Deborah Long
Charlottesville Fire Chief Julian Taliaferro

Pop Jones
James Wagner, marketing assistant

Thanks for the locations!
Steve Choi
Ruth Lancaster
Kathleen Maier
Mary Michaud
Kevin Murphy
Greer Runyon
Chris Denning
Christine Lotano

Extra special thanks to
All the actors, musicians, and crew
The people of the Belmont neighborhood of Charlottesville
Our generous friends and family with enduring patience
Lolo Patois
Bee Bee McGillicutty
Brian Benson
Brian Whitten, Robin Gettleson and Ramona Bea
Kelly Walsh
Mattie and Larry Edwards
Beth Edwards and Brian Grisham
Millett Vance, Gene and Ras Rosetti
Sallie Ann Smallwood Michaud
Roland Michaud
Beverly Blackwell Michaud
Anne, Dan, Isabelle and Charlotte Harman
Bill, Noa, Talia Michaud and Nancy Leach
Glenn Michaud
Gail, Steven, Owen and Sallie Parente
Paul, Loretta, Georgia, and John Paul Michaud
Janet Michaud, Eli and Michael Montgomery
Audrey and Roger Michaud
Rob McMurray
Ira Sachs
Aaron Wunsch and Jillian Galle
Kim Langford
Amy Siddons Karr and Scott Karr
Eliza Lathrop
Finn, Riley and Maeve Lathrop
Rivanna Trails